Lee Min-Ho is one of the most handsomest artist of South Korea. He was born on June 22, 1987 in Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul. He is signed under MYM Entertainment. He’s charismatic and charming. his strong jawline, high cheeckbones, poreless skin, straight nose highlights his face perfectly. He is mainly known for his role of Gu Jun-Pyo in Boys Over Flowers. After that he did many dramas (like Heirs, City Hunter, Faith, Legend of the Blue Sea etc) and movies (Bounty Hunters, Gangnam Blues etc). Now he is one of the most popular actor in South Korea. He took my heart. He has many charms to fall for. Recently he crossed 20.4 million followers on Instagram and became No.1 most followed South Korean Actor. He is ambidextrous means he can write using his both hands without any difficulty. Here I’ve shared the 10 reasons why I love him. I’m sure it’ll help you to know him better. Looking forward to see you MINOZ-ing.

Skilled Actor and Singer : Lee Min-Ho is an amazing actor. He attended Konkuk University and has majored in Film&Art. He get into the character he’s playing very immensely. We can see him studying his scripts attentively and monitoring his scenes. Sometimes he mumbles his lines. He always stay alert when shooting starts and always tries his best. He is sexiest when working. Along with being an actor, he is an soulful singer too. He released 3 studio albums and sang OSTs for his drama.

Nature towards Staff : Lee Min-Ho likes to play with his staff. He is kind and playful towards them. He cherish his staff. With silly smiles and laughter he brightens the set. He’s very humble towards them. He treat them very politely. He create enjoyable environment.

Love towards Minoz : He’s so kind towards his fans. Even his staff members have hard time since he shows endless love towards fans. Whenever he meets fans whether it’s a Fanmeet, he greets them with a big smile along with eye contact and always say thank you to them. He remembers his fans and chat with them for long time too. His fan service is great even when shooting overseas, he gives autograph to fans he met on the streets. He always waves at fans everywhere in any situation. He calls his Minoz as “A presence that’s like God”

Different Sides of his personality : There are many sides of him –
• Warm Min-Ho- This side of him shows child like laugh to the dimpled smile that will make your heart flutter.
• Blank Min-Ho- sometimes he get zoned out with no thought left. He just look like we pressed a pause button on him.
• Sluggish Min-ho-When he yawns in between the shoot.
• Sullen Min-Ho -this Min-Ho scrunches his face a lot.
• Suit Min-Ho-when he wears a suit. He looks very attractive.
• Stupid Min-Ho- This side of him makes stupid or better say funny faces.
• Wide-eyed Min-Ho- We can see this side of him When he discovers something that amuses him.
• Jumping Min-Ho- when he behaves like a 7 years old kid and jumps.
• Obsessed Minho- This side of him asks about how he looks to his PD a lot.

Foodie : He likes eating meal at a proper time. Sometimes when he get free from his schedule, he gets happy coz he finally got time to eat food. He’s a korean food parasite specially for kimchi stew. He likes eating snacks even on the sets too. He says ‘Eating is one of the most fun thing to do’. He likes to eat soupy things.

Love towards his family and pet : He has a loving mother, father and an elder sister. Although he’s not as good as his sister in terms of taking care of his mother but he shows his affection in many ways. He gave his first earnings to his mother and also he has bought a house for his family. He has a loving pet named Choco (mini pinscher). Choco has more clothes than he does all thanks to his fans (Luckiest dog ever).

His Eye-catching Styles : From being a high school boy to a King of the kingdom. He nailed every style. Even he look wow in historical style. whether it is a plane white shirt or grey sweater- his cool, glam, natural, chill and honest look nails it all.

Inspiration to all : He has been in near-death accidents in his lifetime. In 2006,he and his actor friend Jung Il-Woo were involved in an accident. Both actors, who were only 19 years old at that time, were headed to Gangwon province to go on holiday when a vehicle that went off-track drove straight into their car. Both were severely injured and Min-Ho was bedridden for months/a year. Lee Min-Ho suffered leg injuries due to that accident and has to rebuilt it. He took that 1 year as a time to think about how he can become better actor or artist in future instead of getting depressed or something. In 2011, he suffered from car accident during filming for his drama “CITY HUNTER”, fortunately he didn’t had any serious injuries that time. That’s why he served in the military as Public servant. By suffering from all these pains, he stood out as better artist or actor and now loved by everyone.

Owns a Charity foundation : Lee Min-Ho received loads of love from public and he makes sure to give it back. He created his PROMIZ, a charity platform in 2014 to raise funds for social and humanitarian causes. PROMIZ is a combination of the word ‘promise’, his name, and his official fan club name ‘MINOZ’. It worked with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and The United Nation’s Children Fund (UNICEF). The platform has contributed to several causes such as donating to underprivileged children, preserving endangered species, etc. Min-Ho also made a donation of 100 million won (S$120,000) under his fan club’s name to UNICEF’s Nepal earthquake relief fund in 2015. For his contribution to society, he received the ‘Sharing Happiness Award’ in 2016 from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

King of Ads/Commercials and Ambassadorship : He has done many commercials in his artist life. Some of the very known brands he did commercials for are LG, EIDER, ETUDE HOUSE, ROMANSON, KIA MOTORS, TWOSOME PLACE, SEMIR, LOTTE DUTY FREE, Innisfree, BBQ Chicken, DOMINO’S, etc. He has been appointed as Honorary Ambassador for UNICEF, Konkuk University, 2018 Pyongyang Winter Olympics,etc. Currently he is an Honorary Ambassador of King Sejong Institute Foundation. He is an ambassador of many brands in South Korea and overseas.

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